Hi Tom.

I must admit that's another reason I use Orphius with the British English human voice alan. I've found it's pronunciation to be relatively accurate with anything so long as the spelling doesn't require some actual none english letter combinations.

For instance, where as Daniel has some pretty strange ways fof pronouncing names like Galadriel and Theoden, Orphius does them relatively weell, ---- other than thee o den instead of thay o den with the eo making a long smooth vowl sound (though this is just me being picky).

i do occasionally have to muck about with spellings, for instance if I want dalek said properly I'd have to write it as daalek, and Sauron as souron (though there are lots of people who seem to get that wrong, even the 1980's animated lotr film did despite the fact that tolkien clearly stated how to pronounce the Dark lord's name with the a u making a long ow sound to rhyme with cow).

The only time I've seen orphius do something really! strange is with the name Giak (g i a k), the goblin like race from the Lone wolf gamebooks.

After a discussion on the message boards at project.aon, people seem to think the name should be pronounced guy ak, or gee ak with a hard g.

however, Orphius treats it as having a soft g and almost no vowel sound at all, so that it comes out almost like jek or jerk without the r, which is very weerd indeed!

This however does seem to be the notable exception, and most of the time so long as the spelling is logical I'm not upset with the way orphius says things.

Btw, I was rather amused that Che obviously put a script into the blind adrenaline cardroom so that sapi pronounces his name correctly, and not as chee.

Though sinse Chee is also a Japanese girl's name and the female main character of the Clamp anime chobits is also called Chee, this does stop things from becoming confusing, ;D.

Beware the grue!


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