Hi Richard and all,
OK, I will publicly apologise and stand corrected about Thomas's reaction to all of this. When I wrote my email this morning I was in the middle of broadcasting and Thomas's final resignation and unsubscription notification caught me before the rest did, and I wrote and responded in haste and frustration. I have just gone back and read the archive and was shocked to read how inappropriately Thomas handled this situation and as co-moderator would have expected better of him. I was additionally shocked that he could insult and flame someone as decent as Che and accuse him of attacking and insulting him. However, also as a member on the USAGames mailing list I have seen some of the attacks that the guy has been through from members of the blind community in general, and can see why he feels as frustrated as he does. Whether Che said anything out of turn or not, others have also contributed, both on this list, his other list, and, though I obviously haven't seen this, privately as well. Usually, I would have thought Thomas quite logical, reasonable and calm, and I can't imagine why all this blew out of nothing. Please bare with me as I return to reading this huge pile of messages that will undoubtedly present the full story, and I shall then form my opinions and make my decisions from there. I do think some of us could've handled the situation better than we did, including myself. As I said all I can do is apologise for the misunderstanding on my part.

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Hi all.
I cannot believe what has gone on here, and really how blinded people have been.
Many of the responses in the last couple of hours since Thomas left I
just can't understand. I think people need to reread what has
The person I feel most sorry for is Che. From what I understand and
have read this all kicked off because of Thomas having his opinion on
programming languages, which he messaged about in terms that were
misunderstood by many. To be honest I do think the way Thomas writes
can very often seem like he is coming across as superior because of
his college training in programming and years of experience etc. I
know he offers lots of people advice and fully respect this, but he
does preach a lot as well. So Che wrote back expressing his
displeasure at Thomas's words and his way of writing. Now if people
read Che's message or messages back they will hopefully see that
nowhere in this did he personally attack Thomas, just the way Thomas
wrote and how it came across to him. Then Thomas basically flew off
the handle and started swaring and personally insulting Che, which I
thought was disgusting. I wouldn't be at all surprised if we lose
another developer here in Che because of Thomas's reaction and others
later support for him and open hostilitytowards Che.
I think Thomas is really a great guy who has been put under pressure
by people too much with regards to bringing out MOTA etc. I do believe
this community has itself to blaim a lot for winding up developers and
expecting too much. But Thomas's reaction was so over the top and out
of order from a list member, but a moderator as well, well frankly its
not on.
I think its a real shame that MOTA is not going to be worked on for a
while at least, and we could lose it forever, as I like the game and
was looking forward to it. Thomas has always informed the community
too much in a way of what has been going on with MOTA and taking too
many suggestions etc on board in my opinion. Making the game how
people wanted it not how he wanted it. This has been a lot of his
problem, and he has lost the excitment and enjoyment of creating this
game because of this.
I think Darren in a way has got it spot on about him bringing up a
load of stuff in his last message or two, Thomas I mean, about his
marriage etc, this is unnecessary and is intentionally or not, an
attempt to put the blaim on certain people other than himself.
Che, you never personaly insulted Thomas, and I hope otheres realise
this. I hope you stay with us and don't take Thomas's disgusting words
and personal attacks to heart.
Damien I think as a moderator you are being too biast, Thomas is a
good guy yes, but he has been totally out of order here regardless of
which buttons have been pushed. I am a personal friend of yours and
don't wantt to fall out over this but I think you've got it wrong, an
you should be discouraging people from attacking Che whether by name
or not, and be as objective as you possibly can.
I will stop now, for now, I am upset by this whole thing, and hope
people will really look at the entire situation rather than just
taking sides with the developer who was here first. I think many of
you have got it wrong.

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