Hello to Everyone.

I freely admit that my own reaction here may have been just as over sensative as any in this rather ridiculous situation.

thanks to some time, and all the very appreciative messages I recieved, I realized that perhaps my going off in a sulk would be a childish reaction and rather over blown given the situation.

so, i will not be leaving the list, and thanks again to the many mails I recieved from people.

I would however like to use the time to remind people of the fact that sinse mails are text, it is only the words someone reads that convey meaning.

Thus sentences or points of tone that would be perfectly acceptable offline given the right intonation, appear quite different online.

for instance, my brother always pickes up the phone and greets me with "greetings fool!"

On the phone in my brothers tone of voice this is fine, ---- however would I say it to someone on list or E-mail? ----- heck no!

analysing the recent crysis, it seems that this is what happened, comments were taken out of context, people got irritated and the hole thing rather escalated.

Might I recommend that everyone, ---- distinctly and deffinately including myself, show some forthought in reading our comments and mails, and some considderation of what another person would see reading them.

then perhaps such a ridiculous farse can be avoided in future, and also perhaps things can be repared.

All the best,


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