Hello there everyone,

In the last 5 years I have tried to teach myself Visual Basic 6 and am now starting on Dark Basic. I have truly enjoyed playing Jim's VB6 games. It was part of the reason I started toe teach myself VB6. I sort of took attitude towards Jim as his VB6 games were not written to be multi-player over the net. I "knew" in my heart I had no right at all to push Jim to change his games and I startrted to write some simple VB6 games to do multi-player over the net. I quickly found out that this task to do multiplayer is not easy at all. It was very hard! I am glad I did not let my attitude run amuck and say anything at all to Jim. Learning any language on your own can be quite taxing and very time consuming.
The games I wished to write were never really brought up on this list.
I did not wish to be attacked for picking a game that was too simple or too cmplex. While I did understand Thomas's side of his not wishing to use VB6 as it might not be usable in future operating system, I did understand the other side too. Blind folks are not so quick with their bit of money to go get new operating systmes and would likely stick with somehting that would indeed run VB6 games just fine for years to come. I think this list went off track when different folks tarted to give their opinions on which language to go with.
They should have just said I use this or that and left it at that.
But opinions are like butts, everyone has one and some were just more willing to show theirs off than others.
To everyone who has written a good game and sold it...Congrats!
To everyone who has written a good game and gave it away cause they are very kind souls...God Bless You. To everyone who wants to write a good game, don't be disheartened. Start small and add to it a little at a time until you have somehting you would be proud to add your name to and show others. When I get my game done I'll share with this fine community. I have enjoyed what you shared and I wish to return the favor. If you never programmed before but think you know exaclty how a game should be changed or improved you don't have a clue how hard this can be. Make your suggestion or post your idea and then let it go. If the game developer can do it, has the time and patience to do it, Has the free time in his life and is not burdened by a job, church, taxes, children, school, health issues...then maybe just maybe they'll take your idea to heart and add it to their game. Don't hold your breath waiting tho. As you don't program and have no clue how hard this task can be. I know I don't post more than once a year, but this list has been running wild for over a year now and I thought it was time to bring a bit of wisdom back from an older man. Play nice and be fair. Share what you can and don't be so quick to take offense to what others think. This is a game playing list. Talk about playing games and the fun of such a wonderful thing. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Enjoy each day the the great things we can do as blind gamers.
I'll put my soap box away now.
Now run along and enjoy yourselves.
If there is one thing I learned getting to my age is that feelings will be hurt.
I also learned that time will heal hurt feelings.
Give it time and I am sure we will once again see Thomas here.
This is a great place with great minds, he will be attracted to come back. Let him heal and he will return one day.

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