We all start out in some language, usually a higher level one.
Myself, I started with Tandy BASIC on a TRS-80 radio shack computer; I
had also learned and used Pascal, C, and 8086 assembly language prior
to getting a degree.  Further, my degree isn't even in programming or
software engineering.

As I said in my previous post, for toys and hobbies, certain languages
are fine, because the demands placed on them aren't very stressful.
But there are projects and coding styles for which those languages are
not appropriate.  This is not a matter of opinion; it is a statement
of fact, language construction, and problem domain.

As I saw the situation, Thomas did nothing more than point out this
fact, for which he was derided and trolled by people that have what
appears to be far less experience than him.  As a fellow game
developer with a thick hide, I'm more than happy to stand out front
and take some of the flames.

It's one thing to have a discussion about programming languages where
people are interested in having a discussion.  It's quite another to
troll a productive game developer until he quits the list.

Dennis Towne

On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 2:27 PM, shaun everiss <> wrote:
> I also aggree with that side.
> And I never got a degree either.
> I tried vb etc, but to be truthfull my languages I did studdy are freepascal
> using the devpascal ide by bloodshed or javascript.
> Javascript is real limiting anyway but if there were libs for stuff I'd
> probably be more comfortable to do something in pascal myself.
> Its been known for ages in the industry,  that c++ is needed to  go beyond
> playing with our toys and into bigger and better things.
> However we are not talking about making huge piles of cash here.
> Heck our stuff doesn't even make mainstream.
> So our toys as you call it denis are probably toys but its safe to say that
> most of us are probably hobbyists I think its fair to say that most of us
> are not thinking they will get millions of dollars to really develop gaming.
> Heck Companies may only be 1-2 people at most not sure of stats but we are
> quite small and will probably remain so for a while.
> It also depends on what you are used to.
> Obviously if you know c++ already then keep using what you know.
> If you have jumped in the sharks and are happy there, go ahead and continue,
> the rest of us though are probably little fish.
> I am not sure if this is correct but as far as I know tom is the first of
> his kind or close to anyway.
> I don't have the stomach to learn programming let alone c++.
> Though I have always had a dream that when I eventually did program I'd use
> something by boreland corp.
> Its never happened but yeah.

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