Hi Che,

My apologies. I sincerely am not trying to be obtuse, but have always
strived to help others the best I can to the best of my abilities. My
intentions were never to confuse, intimidate, or put down others for
choosing something else. I merely wanted to state the facts as I
understand them. That is where you and I disagree, and the source of
this discussion.

In a way programming languages are like which screen reader to use. A
lot of it boils down to personal preference, personal opinion, and
therefore is very subjective. I'm sure if you put a bunch of potential
blind computer users in a room who are considering buying a screen
reader and then march out a Jaws user, Window-Eyes user, Hal user,
NVDA user, etc and have a public debate you would end up with an
argument similar to the one we have now. Each would have reasons why
or why not their particular screen reader is better than the other
ones, and the people in the audience, those watching the debate, could
be very confused during the debate. Moreover its hard to make any kind
of decision in a situation like that because it requires practical
hands on experience which they simply do not have to make an informed
decision on their own.

When it comes to programming languages we are faced with the exact
same kind of situation.  As a personal preference I tend to stick to
C-Style languages like C, C++, C#, and Java, and since I obviously
like them I am more likely to promote them rather than VB or Python
which I do not like I guess as I am pretty vocal about what I do not
like some people are confused, unsure,  and feel as though they are
being put down because of it. For that I am sorry. That's not my
intent. I never wanted people to think they are "losers" just because
they don't do what I say. I'm not like that at all.

As for this entire discussion I'm pretty sick and tired of it too. I'd
really like it if we can find some amicable way to settle this issue
once and for all and put it behind us. I don't want to see the list,
more importantly, this community to be torn apart and destroyed over
such a rediculous argument. If that means I must resign as list
moderator and leave so be it.

As for your last message I felt it was way too harsh and overblown,
and I found it extremely insulting, to say the least, that you chose
to start this on the list. You could have talked to me off list, man
to man, but no you had to flame, insult, humiliate, and utterally tare
me down on list, and that is the height of disrespect in my opinion.
I'm very angry, hurt, and extremely insulted. You are very fortunate
I'm showing some restraint right now as I'm in a very bad mood. The
kind of mood where I'd cuss you up one side and down the other because
I don't appreciate being insulted publicly for any reason. I will not
stand for it. Either you go or I go, but one of us won't be here by
the end of this debate if we can't find some kind of amicable

Finally, you said I've been beaten over the head several times with
your point by other developers etc. Perhaps so, but did you ever think
I stand firm by my opinions. Maybe I say what I say because I feel it
is the right position, the right opinion, etc. If you call that obtuse
so be it, but you are not going to change my mind or get me to retract
things I said no matter how much you insult me and piss me off.All
that will get you and this community is one less developer. I'm right
now considering closing USA Games and just walking away from it all,
because I sure as hell don't feel very appreciated right now. I've had
enough negative criticism from this community for a life time. If it
isn't one thing its another. Sorry to say this attack was about the
last straw I can take, and I'm just about ready to say, "to hell with
the blind gaming community! I've had enough with it!"

I'm sorry if people are offended by that, but its the truth. I'm sick
and tired of people bitching that Mysteries of the Ancients isn't
done. I"m sick and tired of people bitching that Raceway isn't done.
I'm damn sure sick and tired of being beaten over the head by a few
developers who get pissed off and bent out of shape over an impersonal
debate over programming languages etc. Now, I am extremely pissed off,
and I'm ready to just walk away from the entire sorry mess. So don't
be surprised if I just don't quit like James North and go somewhere
else where I might, just might, be appreciated by the online
community. Frankly, I'm fed up with the bull crap and not going to put
up with it any longer.


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