Hi Dark,

Yes, I see your point. I read the link to the Audiogames.net article
on game genres and it seems fairly well thought out. Although the
catagory for arcade seems rather broad considering the variety of
subgenres that could be classified as arcade.

For instance, you created a subgenre called Space Invaders although I
believe there is a more technical name for that style of game. If I'm
not mistaken they use to be called virtical shooters or something like
that. That's actually only one example of arcade games.

A game like Double Dragon is an arcade game too, but it would be
classified as a beat-m-up or side-scroller. Its about as far from a
virtical shooter as you can get and still be arcade based. So I do
think given time as this community grows and more games are added you
might want to add in more subgenres like beat-m-ups or a
side-scrollers genre as I'm seeing more of this style of game being
produced over the last couple of years. Q9, MOTA, and Philip's new
game are not just action or arcade games, but might end up becoming a
genre or class of their own.

However, you are absolutely right. Some games are hard to classify and
its for that reason why on my web pages I usually have a genre and
style description in the game features section on my website. That way
I can say game x is arcade and it is Pacman style etc. It clarifies
both the genre and style of the game being downloaded and played.


On 7/29/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi tom.
> Your point about computers and consoles is exactly right, indeed while I was
> growing up it was very common to have versions of the same game such as
> final fight, ghouls n ghosts, golden axe or streetfighter 2 to be out for
> consoles like the snes, and home computers like the Amigar as well.
> Of course, due to markiting things are changing rapidly, with new adverts
> advertizing video games, and the term computer now only applying to certain
> devices which are not necessarily game related.
> Though certainly if you go around on the net you'll discover people using
> the term computer games stil, especially of people who play things like
> roguelikes, which are undoubtedly played on a computer, but certainly
> involve very litle "video" elements in terms of graphics.
> i actually had to think terminology out last year when we had a big clean up
> of the game genres on audiogames.net.
> that was quite interesting sinse several genres had to be specially thought
> up, for instance I thought it was a good idea as there are now so many space
> invaders games to have that as it's own genre different from arcade games.
> The full info on classifications can be found at
> http://audiogames.net/page.php?pagefile=Genres
> And we did a similar one for license types as well, whih is at
> http://audiogames.net/page.php?pagefile=licenses
> I'd be interested to know people's thoughts on these, and also if people
> have any questions.
> all the best,
> Dark.

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