Hi Tom.

Yes, these terms were made basically for convenience and according to what was around at the time, however the point of classifications in the database was to help people identify what a game is like, or search for a style of game, for instance Brian wanting stratogy games for research.

At the same time though, there need to be a few games to make splitting them off and giving them an overall classification worth while, which was why space invaders games got it's own classification as we have so many of them it made litle sense to just lump them all in the arcade catagory.

Action, adventure and arcade games are thus far classifications more about the point and focus of the game than about it's view.

if it's mainly about points, it's an arcade game, eg, pipe.

If it's mainly about exploration, thinking through puzles and such it's an adventure game, which is why Sarah, terraformers, and mota were classified that way.

If it's more about the action, eg, fast reflexes, but not really based upon points, eg, superliam and shades of doom, it's action.

i freely admit this system isn't perfect, but it is intended to give an idea of what sort of a game something generally is, but also try to create catagories that have a point to them.

for instance, i had a debate with Cx2 one of our other long standing mods about whether to have a simulation catagory.

The problem is, such a catagory would only at the time have Lone wolf and gma tank commander in it, and now 3D velosity.

However, three games don't really make a catagory, especially when their actual gameplay is so different.

this did unfortunately make lone wolf a litle difficult to catagorize and one reason it's in the misc catagory at the moment, but that was better than the alternative.

It is true that with more side scrollers that might need to be a catagory on it's own too, though I find myself a litle concerned that a game like Mota with heavy exploration elements could end up catagorized as the same style as something like Q9 which is pure action/arcade.

Ditto with economic vs war stratogy, and turn based vs real time.

Of course, the sensible thing would be to introduce two catagories as you have, genre and style, and maybe if Sander and richard rework the site we may be able to do that, but at the second that's not really possible.

Perhaps we will considder a side scroller catagory in future.

I'm also thinking that as we're now having more stratogy games produced, maybe a specific catagory for war stratogy games to distinguish something like Castaways or sound rts from something like Lunimals might be an idea.

I will say though, having far more good quality games to put into the database and classify is a really nice problem to be stuck with ;D.

Beware the grue!


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