The map in mission 2 is considerably larger.  Mission 1 was a 16 by 16 map, 
where mission 2 is a 26 by 26 map.

Dark is correct, in mission 2, the objective is to run raids against the Yetti 
settlement until they have been completely killed off.  You use the war tent to 
launch your attacks.

> Is the map different to that of
> mission 1? Is it the same size?

> Hi Kelvin.
> spoilage ahoy!
> to complete mission two you need to build a war tent. 
> From there (by 
> pressing backspace), you can send your troops off to the
> yeti city to kill 
> the yeti.
> max of five of each can go on a raide, eg, five knights,
> five sowldiers and 
> five rangers, (any more than five will stay at home).
> Rangers I believe stop knights from being killed.
> If you kill all the yeti, the mission is over.
> Hth.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark. 

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