It has simply come down to luck.  Peasant women are actually far more likely to 
get pregnant, but yes, it does help if the particular woman has more free time 
on her hands.

> Ok, is it me, or do certain women get
> pregnant all the time?  In my current
> game, of six women, two have borne all the children. 
> They happen to be my
> default cook and bartender, which hasn't been as disastrous
> as you might
> think, and it's a trade-off given that other women in
> essential jobs have
> remained free to work.  Are these just loose women, or
> is there something in
> the game that's skewing the luck?
> I theorize that it's because they are standing around more
> frequently than
> anyone else.  If so, this might skew the pregnancy
> results a bit much.
> Tip: this situation is tolerable, so long as you keep a
> sharp eye on your
> group's energy levels.  If you only have folks in the
> 20-30% category or not
> listed at all, you can afford to do without a cook for a
> little while.
> Chris Bartlett

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