Crimes is an interesting idea dn not something I've thought of.

In dwarf fortress, each dwarf actually has it's own individual personality. This will incline them to do some jobs faster as they like them, but additionally, they'll have some random tendencies too, and depending upon how happy they are, eg, how much work they've done that they enjoy, whether they get time off, and what food and boose they've consumed, they may go off the railes and do random stuff.

my friend apparently had a dwarf who he'd set to being a woodcutter, but who had strong desires to be a calver. Eventually, after getting attacked in the woods and very hungry, the wood cutter went off the railes, took his axe, and started slaughtering other dwarves and calving their bones into various forms of jewleary! ;D.

while this sort of Ai for the castaways characters might be going a bit far, something in the matter of personality, perhaps leading to crimes might be an interesting thought, ---- afterall with all the women who seem to have multiple partners, there must be quite a bit of jealousy going on in those taverns ;d.

Beware the grue!


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