For mission 2 on easy, I just create hunters and butchers and they can supply sufficient food. At the same time cloth come in faster. There's a problem of cloak disappearing. Not sure if this has been reported. Those created before barracks is done are not carried there when barracks is up.
Looking forward to playing mission 3.
锦发/Steady Goh
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Congratulations on beating mission 2 on normal.  :D

I can see that I have a lot to respond to in this post, so I might as well take it as an opportunity to update people on what I've been doing for the past week and a half. Real life has been doing a great job at keeping me off of the computer for the past week. I haven't had nearly enough free time to sit down and code, so everything has been taking much longer to get done.

I'm still determined to get certain features added, so rather than focusing on a single thing I find myself jumping back and forth between 4 or 5 major projects within castaways. I've been working to get mission 3 finished, territory wars multiplayer finished, the translation code finished, hunting 2 very persistent bugs that have been eluding me for several versions, and I've been trying to get a system in place so that you can rearrange priorities for your settlement. If I could get myself to pick any 1 of these, and focus entirely on it, I would have had at least some of them done during this long period of time. lol!

I may have finally killed the vanishing resource bug as well as the bug where a doctor would sometimes heal an injury without using cloth. Believe it or not, the two bugs were actually caused by the same problem. Without going too much into the coding specifics, there was a glitch that allowed the doctor's place of residence to go unchanged once he was assigned as a doctor. Lets say, for example, your doctor had been a peasant or worker originally, and he had been either constructing or carrying supplies to your ship. His focus building, stored in a variable tied to the person, was set as the ship. When switching over as a Doctor, it was supposed to reset to the Hospital but this glitch wasn't going that. Now, when he would normally be draining bandages from building resource slot 0 at the hospital, he is now draining lumber from building slot 0 at the ship as he heals people! If it had been any other occupation I would have spotted the bug faster, but the only time this strange behavior would happen, was when this bugged doctor would fix someone's physical injury! That doesn't happen very often, and I've Still! never had the vanishing resource bug happen in front of me. I've only ever experienced it through people sending me saved games of before and after it had happened to them.

That was such a crazy bug to figure out, that I'm still celebrating. Often times you need to sit back and assume that all of your existing bugs are linked. I was trying to imagine every possible scenario when suddenly it hit me! After checking the code, sure enough, there was an error in the code for reassigning a doctor's focus building. Yay!

Ok that was quite long, I didn't mean for it to be lol.

In mission 2, Tome production is pretty much a niche product. You aren't using leather for anything else, so it doesn't make as much sense to develop that branch unless you have free time. In mission 3 you will use leather for more things, so tome production should be easier.

Cloth will always be a bit tricky, but that's intentional. Now that the doctor glitch is hopefully fixed, things might be more stable with yarn and cloth. After more testing, I may lighten the requirements for cloth production a little. Once tasks can be prioritized manually, it might be even easier to keep cloth coming in.

The alt keystroke ideas sound pretty good, and I've tossed them onto my list of things to add.

When it comes to fog of war and scouts, I think it would be a bit too complicated to make that kind of low level change at this stage in the game's development. It would fundamentally change everything in the game and it's probably way more work than its worth.

Ok, some thoughts after finally
massacring those bloody yeti.

I never built a monastery. Tome production has become
really hard to
manage, and I just never found it a sufficient
priority. I did build a
tannery, but never got around to assigning a
leatherworker. Three leather
is probably a bit much for a tome.

Cloth production still seems a bit hard to manage.
Compared to almost
everything else, cloth production seems to have a very low
priority, which
means you need a crap-ton of peasants to make it happen at
all. I can't
prove it, but it seems like yarn was disappearing from time
to time, as I'd
get a group of peasants to make three or four yarn, but
then my weaver
wouldn't do anything with it. Since I can't track
yarn directly, I'm not
sure this was actually happening, but I do wonder.

Cloak production is much harder than armor, which seems out
of balance. I
rarely had three cloth to make a cloak; my tailor managed
to make three
cloaks all game, vs. eight suits of armor, even though I
only had a
blacksmith assigned, so she was doing the whole
process. Perhaps this
should be tweaked.

Ok, folk are going to hate me for suggesting this, but I
think that the
castaways shouldn't come within a square of goblins except
for military
units. This would affect resource availability, since
forests and rocky
terrain behind the goblin front line would be effectively
cut off, making it
more worthwhile to fight them back, rather than just
establishing a
defensive perimeter and holding it, making the challenge
bigger. I had
several occasions where my lumberjacks and stone masons
went behind enemy
lines, and I think that should be harder.

I'd like to see the alt-keystrokes used to jump to specific
building types,
like alt-t for tavern. I found myself having to track
through a lot of
buildings monitoring resources and the shift-d and f were
still a pain to

I'm still pretty sure my doctors were healing injuries
without cloth at the
hospital. Again, I can't prove this but as I said, my
cloth production was
problematic, and what with yeti raids and fighting back, I
was treating a
passel of injuries.

Another keystroke set that might be useful would be, say
using alt-1 through
6 to display a list of squares of a given terrain type,
such as dense
forests, forests, scattered trees, rocky terrain, stony
fields etc. As the
maps get larger, having to explore one cell at a time
becomes annoying.

Explorers and fog of war. Going back to a previous
set of suggestions, I'd
like to see a new job, the explorer, and the idea that you
don't know the
terrain of the whole map without exploring it. At the
beginning of the
game, you would choose a cell as your starting cell.
You would be able to
see the terrain in the 9 surrounding cells. Explorers
would go out and when
they return would report to you on other squares they have
seen. Perhaps
call them scouts. They would return information on
where forests and rocky
terrain can be found, and later in the game, could report
on goblin
infestations. Resource hunters would use this
information to figure out
where they are going. If you don't know about any
forests or water, than
your hunters and fishermen act as scouts as their secondary
job. Stone
masons and lumberjacks would require locations for their
resources and have peasant as their secondary job. I
think miners are also
tied to the rocks, so they should probably also have this
quality, though by
the time you have mines in play, it's likely you have

Along with this, we should get messages when a particular
set of trees or
rocks have been played out, to know if more scouting is

I'm not sure exactly how this would play out with the
goblins. Perhaps
there should be two different jobs, scout (military unit
that concentrates
on finding the enemy) and explorer that simply maps the
terrain. Explorers
would report the presence of goblins but would concentrate
on new terrain.
Scouts would report new terrain but would concentrate on
monitoring known
enemy locations. Other resource hunters would report
if they have to evade
goblins, such as, Jack evaded a group of goblins at
k14. The scout could
see for two squares around it and would move to the closest
known area of
goblin infestation to monitor it. This might require
a new manufactured
product, telescopes or something like that.

To make up for the added difficulty, please get the good
events in place to
help balance things.

Good job, and I'm eagerly awaiting more expansions.

Chris Bartlett

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