Hi Dark,

Yeah, I know what you mean. Shades of Doom was the game that got me
interested in audio gaming as well. Considering I had just left the
world of Tomb Raider, Jedi Knight, Star Trek Elite Force, etc behind
when I lost my sight I wasn't at all impressed with any accessible
games until I found Lone Wolf and Shades of Doom. There just wasn't
anything comprable to mainstream games out there around 2000 or 2001
when Shades of Doom came out. Everything was the board and card game
variety, and right after that was the Space Invader craze. Only Shades
of Doom caught my attention right away.

Anyway, you are right. Those blobs are evil. They sound very creepy.
However, weirdly they never bothered me like the cyborgs. I guess its
just the shock of coming around a corner or opening a door and hering
some mechanical step of something not quite human coming to kill me.
They really psych me out.


On 8/15/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> The atmosphere of shades is awsome and is large part what interested me in
> audio games in the first place.
> I must confess if i'd played something like grizly gulch first off, or even
> something very simple and arcade like such as egghunt, I'd have dismissed
> audio games as a condescending "blind only" sort of affair and stuck to what
> I could play on consoles.
> shades manifestly is nothing like that, which is why it made such a great
> first game for me.
> As to fear, for me it's always the gelatinous blobs! I don't know what it
> is, but the sound they make when they move, even when they get hit is just
> evil! especially when they're moving slowly and your pumping them full of
> bullits and they don't die, but get close and kill you horribly in one go as
> happened to me when I encountered them for the very first time!
> These days I use other methods to despose of them, but they're stil horribly
> terrifying imho!
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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