I just got a chance to download beta 22 this morning, and have just finished a 
game. My thoughts are as follows:
    I personally preferred the weapon sounds from beta 18. For me, the new ones 
are far more sci fi, and far less realistic. In particular I preferred the 
sounds for the pistol, spear (it sounds like stepping on some kind of gore) and 
especially! the shotgun (that was my favorite sound in the game when combined 
with the particularly comical sound of a zombie dying). Also, the new door 
sounds sound like a haunted house rather than an ancient temple. The older ones 
(a stone door) really make the ambience authentic.
    The ability to jump continually (from beta 18) was an invaluable aid in 
making my times with the levers, and getting over the fire pit in level one and 
the chasm in level two.
    Also on the subject of jumping, if you jump once, and don't directly after 
and instead try to jump again, the character will only move one square if at 
I really preferred the previous sound for nearing a spike. I've found the sound 
since beta 19 rather hard to here, particularly near statues.
    When picking up objects, you have to press enter on the object rather than 
holding it down. While I do see the practical application of this (stopping 
people from just winning the game without ever using a torch) it really helped 
me when I need to run through a room and quickly grab a weapon because I ran 
out of ammo. It also really helps when I need to get something in the last room 
of level two on higher difficulty levels, because I usually only have a few 
seconds to get out of the room.
    I really liked the switch of voices. While tom had a louder voice and was a 
little more understandable, this new one talks more quickly, and (at least for 
me) sounds less synthetic.
    Another major plus I found was the the centaurs don't always shoot me with 
fire! I can't tell you how happy I was to learn that they couldn't just drop me 
in a few hits anymore.
    A possible bug: when running, the character moves more quickly, as well as 
sounds looping more quickly (though the latter might be to shortening the 
file). Particularly the running may warrant a look, as the character nearly 
flies through rooms, and it's not that hard to miss objects (I'd hate to play 
like that on speakers).
    I know that this email's getting a little long, but I thought of one more 
suggestion when about to send: right now, it's not that hard to blast my way 
through all the monsters in the game without getting hurt. The enemies with 
bows and fire spells are usually the only ones to hit me, seeing as I can just 
shoot the others before they get close. This leads into the suggestion: it 
might add a level of difficulty (perhaps in later levels, or in all of them if 
you like) to have more than one monster in a room. This way, the player would 
have to focus on more than one target, and, if the targets were in different 
locations in the room, would force the player to choose who they wanted to 
target and add another layer of strategy to the game.
    Overall, while beta 22 has some nice features, I think I still prefer beta 

I don't mean to sound harsh, and could be writing this a little early, but I 
doubt I'll be able to play again for a week or so, and wanted to write out this 
email before I leave for camp.
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