Yeah, that was pretty much how I felt about it too.  Putting in the game's 
current level of graphics took far longer than I expected and I spent the whole 
time telling myself "I'm wasting all this time and probably no one is going to 
even see this."  lol!  The good news is that your sighted friend should be 
fully able to play the game using sight alone.  Being sighted myself, and 
having had a few sighted friends play the game, I usually play the game with 
all sounds turned off believe it or not.

Accessible and sighted games seem to be um, organized differently.  I can't 
really put my finger on the right word to describe it.  The lack or presence of 
artwork isn't the only thing that separates them, so your friend is probably 
also trying to get used to those changes as well.

Oh, I think I came up with an example that might work to describe what I was 
trying to say.  If you took book written in Spanish, and translated each word 
individually into English for a friend, even though they could understand the 
words, the structure of the sentences would still be strange because Spanish 
and English use a different system.  In that same way, adding artwork to an 
accessible game will still stand out as strange to a mainstream gamer.  This 
isn't a big problem or anything, just something worth sharing in case anyone's 
interested.  :)

> Okay will let her know. Well, I
> understand that considering it is supposed to be a game for
> the blind. Although it would be cool at least for some of my
> other fully sighted friends to be able to see people and
> stuff, but like you said graphics is probably last on the
> things to do list in cast aways.

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