HI Tom,

That's very true. Most mainstream game developers encrypt their
sounds, graphics, and other game data precisely for that reason. They
don't want someone just modding the game however they want, and they
consider changing this or that a serious violation of copyright. Most
audio game developers haven't been that strict with the community, but
perhaps they should start because we've ended up with a rather lax
attitude towards copyrights and ownership etc.

Its for that reason I've already decided to begin encrypting the
sounds, music, and speech files for MOTA. I'm going to eliminate this
attitude "I paid for it so I can mod it" idea in a hurry. I created
the game the way I wanted it, and I'm not going to just allow people
to mod it however they want or think it should be because it isn't
their game. They aren't the creator or the developer of the product so
don't have the final say about things like that.


On 8/22/11, Tom Randall <kf6...@comcast.net> wrote:
> Hi Thomas, I agree completely with Yohandy on this one.  You are under
> absolutely no obligation whatsoever so far as I'm concerned to provide or
> even allow mods, sound packs, voice packs, etc. for your products if you do
> not wish to.  What
> many don't seem to get particularly in this community it seems is that your
> games are copyrighted works and that any modding, production of alternate
> sound and/or voice packs or anything else can be done only at your
> discretion and with your permission otherwise the user has technically
> violated the copyright and may forfeit his license to use the product.  I
> realize that some devs don't adhere to this kind of standard in this small
> community however I believe it is worth pointing out to people that this
> standard is the norm in the mainstream gaming community and anything other
> than that is strictly optional and at the discretion of the developer.
> Sorry for the late response to this, I recently acquired a MacBook and have
> been busy learning that and so haven't had time to keep up with this list.
> Game on.
> Tom

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