HI Charles,

That's always a possibility. However, most of the time when games are
modded it is with the purpose of changing the game itself to something
else, or it is to improve the sounds.

For instance, when I created my Lone Wolf soundpack way back when I
tried to stay to the original game as possible, but obtained higher
quality effects. That kind of modding was probably benificial to the
game rather than harmful. At least I personally think so, and my
intent wasn't to change the game itself.

However, I don't know if you remember this, but about five or six
years ago I do recall roomers of a Star Trek mod for Lone Wolf
floating around. Someone had taken sounds from Trek 2000, grabbed some
extras off the net, and tried to create a real time Star Trek
simulation game. That was probably not too benificial for Lone Wolf
since the sounds would be totally improper for a World War II
submarine simulation, and if we are completely realistic about it even
if they changed sounds, rewrote all the missions, etc it still
wouldn't really live up to a real time Star Trek game anyway. It would
just end up being a submarine pretending to be a starship. That kind
of modding is hharmful to the game in the extreme.


On 8/23/11, Charles Rivard <woofer...@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Another thought about modified games:  Scenario:  Someone who has not bought
> your production visits the home of someone who has bought and modified your
> production.  The visitor thinks, "Those game sounds are really terrible.
> This is certainly a game I will not buy."  If he had visited someone who
> purchased your game and did not modify it, and he really was impressed,
> you've got another customer.
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