I've just posted version 1.9b which has a handful of important changes.

I've fixed the few bugs people had reported, including the inability to mute 
some message types, soldiers being listed in job categories they weren't 
supposed to be in, and long chat messages showing up as being blank.

In the last update I made the AI better at deciding what troop type soldiers 
should train to become, but I've taken that in a new direction now.  Soldiers 
will never train by themselves, even when you have armor and such in the 
barracks.  Just like using a tome, select a soldier and press U to bring up a 
menu allowing you to pick how they will train!  Of course, you must still have 
the needed items in your barracks before it will let you train that type of 

Wine was used less than any other food type simply because it was technically 
no different than the others but it was harder to produce.  As an extra 
incentive, any of your people who currently have wine in their stomachs will 
perform their jobs 10 percent faster.  This extra bonus doesn't take away from 
wine's usual energy, so it still acts as a food just like it did before.  
Hopefully this will encourage more people to work on wine production.

Multiplayer co-op has undergone some extreme changes.  I'm still working on the 
battling multiplayer modes, but in the mean time I wanted to release these 
changes that are part of the foundation for the stuff yet to come.  This will 
also allow people to test for bugs and provide feedback about it.  Jobs no 
longer automatically change for your online representative.  I thought it was a 
cool idea, but it has been quite annoying to many people and I figured I would 
try removing it to see how it goes.  Some people would change jobs constantly 
which caused other players to see the job change messages over and over, and if 
someone picked a job you didn't want around, there was nothing you could do 
about it.  For example, if you weren't making wine but a person's multiplayer 
representative was a cooper, tons of your lumber would be being turned into 
useless barrels with no convenient way for you to put an end to it.  As it 
stands now, all multiplayer people
 will show up as peasants and are locked in to that job position.

The merchant cart is finished now.  In a multiplayer game build a merchant 
cart, assign a merchant, and press Backspace on the building.  A menu will 
allow you to choose who to send supplies to and how much of everything you wish 
to send.  Sending the supplies will arrive at the other person almost 
instantly, but your merchant will spend time "traveling" and will be unable to 
help in your settlement until he gets back.  This is meant to provide a little 
bit of an extra cost to sending supplies.  Each time you wish to send supplies, 
it requires a merchant.  You could be helping 10 different friends at once, but 
it would require you to dedicate 10 people as merchants for a while.

I know you're probably already thinking of how many ways people could cheat 
using the merchant cart.  That is very true, and there's no sense in hiding 
that fact.  While playing Co-op multiplayer, it is just like Single player in 
the sense that you should do whatever brings you the most entertainment as you 
play.  If Saving your game every 5 seconds so you can avoid any injuries is fun 
for you, then by all means go for it.  It isn't hurting anyone.  In this spirit 
of innocent fun, hopefully people will understand that can abuse the merchant 
cart to get an extra advantage, and that there is nothing technically wrong 
with that.  For me personally, I would like to play Co-op on the hard 
difficulty with the absolute worst fault I can get.  It would be super hard and 
I would actually have fun depending on my team of multiplayer friends to help 
me survive!  lol!

While I work on the other multiplayer mode, I am trying to limit the number of 
ways people can cheat or get an unfair advantage, because the future mode will 
have players competing and therefore cheating is actually "hurting" the other 

There are many server and game changes that are happening behind the scenes, 
but those really aren't anything people will appreciate yet.  The good news is 
that much of the foundation is in place for me to do the competitive 
multiplayer mode.

Oh yeah, for fun I've hidden a very popular Cheat code in Castaways.  I wonder 
how long it will be before someone figures it out, but to enter the code simply 
type it and press enter during your game.  Obviously if you don't type the 
correct code you will not see any special message, and will probably have done 
a few random things in your settlement by pressing those random keys, hahaha!

For those of you who don't remember the link, it is here.

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