Castaways is now officially out of beta!

I have just posted version 2.0 which is the first version to be missing the 
little "b" at the end.  It's about time I finally removed that thing!

We are marching ever closer to the arrival of Territory wars, but alas it is 
not ready quite yet.  I have fixed several little glitches and made the server 
link more stable with this version.  In addition to those little things most 
people never even notice, I have completely recoded the War Tent.  I think 
you'll be quite happy with it.

In the past, if you wanted to send out a raid you were forced to send all of 
your troops up to the 5 troop limit per type.  Granted, usually that's what you 
want to do because they fight much better in larger numbers, but finally you 
have a choice.  Pressing backspace on the War tent now opens up a menu allowing 
you to choose how many of each soldier type will be included in the raid.

Here is where things get really interesting though.  While playing multiplayer 
co-op, you can now use the War Tent to help your friends who are in trouble.  
Using a merchant and a Merchant cart, people are already able to send supplies 
to their friends in need.  In the same way, you can now use a general and the 
War Tent to send troops to reinforce them as well.  Having a War Tent unlocks 
the ability to make a general, in multiplayer only, and he will serve the same 
function as a merchant does with a merchant cart.  Troops that you send to 
reinforce a friend will no longer be yours, so don't expect them to come back.

The addition of this new War Tent will allow for some incredible co-op games.  
Imagine playing mission 3 on the hardest mode with a group of friends, helping 
each other out with supplies and soldiers as things get really tough.  Perhaps 
one of your friends would put all of his attention in to manufacturing the 
cloth and leather for the rest of the team, freeing them up to worry about food 
and troops.  The level of cooperation is nearly limitless, and I fully expect 
this to lead to some great online experiences.

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