This is something I thought long and hard about writing on list,
because if people take it the wrong way, either it'll seem like a
complaint or it'll make people complain, which is really annoying.

I finally thought that it'd be ok, because what the heck. The good
outweighs potential bad.

I've been thinking about something. Right now, swamp has one person
carrying around six rather large weapons. Nothing new there. It's a
standard of FPS. Also, there's the one character voice.

What if there were voice acted out several different male and female
voice sets to choose from. These would have the injury/death sounds
but they'd also include simple stuff like yes, no, follow me, wait
here, I'm out of ammo, and so forth. That way, people could actually
cooperate without having to type a lot of stuff.

Also, as far as characters go, this was what I thought. What if there
was at the beginning a selection screen for character types which
would all have a .45 ACP pistol and some melee weapon of some type but
whose other weapons would differ. I was thinking melee, pistol,
primary, and secondary.

There would, of course, be some overlap, and if this was implemented
you'd no longer pick up weapons, but the character selection could be
on some maps or as an option etc.

Soldier: knife, pistol, assault rifle, and sniper rifle (Knife is fast
but short, sniper rifle is long range and holds only one bullet but
does high damage.)

Policeman: baton, pistol, shotgun, and mp5

Outdoorsman: axe, pistol, hunting rifle, and shotgun (axe is
relatively longrange melee)

Assassin: sword, pistol, sniper rifle, and crossbow (the crossbow is
silent to zombies but holds only one bolt at a time)

Berserker: Fists, pistol, assault rifle, mp5

These are templates, and there's a lot I didn't include for brevity.
Also, this is a way future consideration. The two things together,
voice profiles, and character types, could diversify an already
diverse and expanding game.

Dakotah Rickard

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