Version 1.0b is finally here!  I haven't done as much as I wanted to, but I 
didn't want to wait any longer to release this next update.  The annoying gun 
and spawn bugs are finally gone.  Yay!

Changes from version 0.9b to 1.0b

- Once again tweaked the growl rate back of zombies.
- Page up and Page down now perform the same action as < and > for reviewing 
online chat messages.
- The B key repeats the direction you must go to reach your selected beacon.
- Fixed a few typos in the map locations.
- The way the server handles loot has been changed.
- Zombie AI has been tweaked in an attempt to solve the bug where you spawn in 
the middle of a huge group of zombies.
- Zombies are better at navigating so they don't get stuck to walls like they 
used to.
- Sounds for the guns have been tweaked to make it easier to locate the 
position of friends who are shooting.
- Benelli repeating shotgun added.
- I have put single player back in, though it has not been expanded upon at all 
- Fixed the gun bug that was muting the sounds at random.
- Three new zombie types have been added.  The Stalker, Matriarch, and Reaper.
- The Safe zone has been added to the multiplayer map.  Two guards stand watch 
outside to keep you safe while you're in there.
- I fixed the typo that would sometimes spawn players into the middle of zombie 
swarms, or spawn zombies near players.

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