The safe zone is currently a place where you can leave your character if you 
need to leave the computer and do not wish to be killed and start over.  I 
believe this was first suggested by someone who hated the fear of death 
whenever he had to run to the bathroom.  That sound funny, haha.

There are 2 NPC (non-player characters) standing on either side of the 
building's doorway, who will mow down any zombies who try to get in.

I plan to expand upon the safe zone so that it functions more like a common 
base for everyone.  The multiplayer missions will be based here, as well as a 
way to drop off weapons and ammo so that others can pick them up to use.  I'm 
also considering a system to track everyone's stats, as long as you exit the 
game from within the safe zone.  This prevents people from quickly pressing 
escape just before being slaughtered by a zombie mob and still having their 
stats saved.  The details are sketchy still.

The Zombie types are Normal, Canine, Giant, Tyrant, Stalker, Matriarch, and 
Reaper.  The Canines are fast but weak.  The Normals, Stalkers, and Matriarchs 
are medium health.  The Reaper is stronger than a normal zombie, and a bit 
faster also.  The Giant zombies are very strong, but the Tyrants are the brutes 
to fear the most.  They are twice as strong as Giant zombies.

I like your idea for a repeat message button.  I've written it down so I 
remember to put it into the next update.

> HI,
> Couple of questions:
> 1. What does the safe zone do?
> 2. You said there are 3 new types of zombies. Please list
> all the different 
> types and the differences between them.
> 3. is it possible to have a key that would repeat what you
> just picked up? 
> Sometimes just as it says this info, it might be
> interrupted and you don't 
> really know what it was you just picked up.
> Thanks for a really cool game. Looking forward to different
> missions
> Rich

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