Not a bad idea at all.  The original layout was suggested by someone, who's 
name I forget sorry, because you would be able to do the voice commands without 
moving either hand away from their normal resting spots.  Would people be fine 
with moving their hands to do the voices?

> G for greeting
> f for follow me
> h for over here
> a for need ammo
> c for cover me
> w for watch out
> b for I got your back
> n for no sir
> y for yes sir
> r for roger that
> s for stay here
> In short, the first letter of the first word involved,
> unless that 
> letter is already used for another phrase, then the first
> letter of the 
> second word etc.
> Another one I'd like to see added is
> help, or I'm in big trouble over here! etc
> and
> Thanks! or You saved my backside! Whew!

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