Version 1.1b is here.  I hope it will solve most, if not all, of the currently 
reported bugs and crashes.  Here is a list of changes.

Changes from version 1.0b to 1.1b

- Stalkers no longer growl until they are chasing you.  This makes them a bit 
- Dogs have faster footsteps to simulate the extra feet.
- Fixed a small issue with the safe zone guards.
- The backslash (\) key now does the same thing as the Pause/break key for 
pausing the background music.
- The pistol silencer has been added.  If you find a silencer, pressing 2 again 
will attach the silencer to your pistol.  The gun is very quiet but also does a 
little less damage than the unsilenced pistol.
- Fixed the problem where the current location would show up blank at times.
- Fixed the bug that would get people trapped in the main menu if they pressed 
escape during a game.
- You now can not attack while in the safe zone.
- Fixed a reverb issue with the guards outside of the Safe zone.
- Pressing Shift + V announces your coordinates on the map, so that others can 
find you easier.  Coordinate 1,1 is located the very North-West corner of the 
- I've made a few changes that I hope will stop the game from crashing if you 
leave it sitting for a long time.
- Voice messages are now available.  Press F followed by another key to speak a 
phrase to the other players online.
   + Right mouse button asks someone to follow you.
   + Left mouse button is a warning message.
   + The A key is some form of yes.
   + The D key is some form of no.
   + The S key says follow you.
   + The W key is a greeting.
   + The Z key asks them to cover you.
   + The X key says you will cover them. 
   + The C key says to stay here. 
   + The R key says you need ammo.
- The Single player is still basically left unchanged, but I did fix the 

The full download is still uploading with an estimated 22 minutes remaining, so 
if you try to download and it won't let you, then you probably need to wait for 
it to finish uploading.  But as I did a few versions ago, I am offering a much 
smaller patch download that will only add and replace what is necessary.  It 
assumes you already have been using version 1.0b.  So if you already have 
version 1.0b then there is no need to do the longer download, just grab the 
smaller one and extract it into your Swamp folder.  Enjoy!

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