That's true. The reason there isn't much overhead in a game like
Mysteries of the Ancients is due to the fact it is written purely in
native C++. With C++ I can micromanage CPU usage as well as ram usage.
Where with the .Net languages, for example, the developer lets the
garbage collecter do the clean up work which wastes CPU and memory on
clean up deuty. In one way that's good,but it still isn't 100%
efficientuse of your CPU power and memory.

That, I think, is the issue with GTC and other games written in VB 6.
The language was designed specifically for ease of use rather than
efficient programming. There is no way to micromanage CPU usage and
memory so some CPU output and memory is waisted on the VB runtime
which acts as a bridge between application and native Windows
libraries.However, that really isn't a big deal on newer systems these

My thoughts simply are if I can use an existing speech service be it
Jaws, Window-eyes, NVDA, Sapi, whatever  it will be far easier to
update and maintain games because I won't have to record, edit, and
load x number of wav files for speech. I'll be able to use that CPU
power and memory for more sound effects as needed. The speech will be
more dinamic as I'll be able to pass message strings to the speech
service in real time rather than figure out what wav file has the
message I need, load it, and then play it back, etc.


On 11/10/11, john <jpcarnemo...@comcast.net> wrote:
> MOTA doesn't really use that much cpu as is, though this may just
> be my machine. I've got games (gtc and toc to name the ones that
> come to mind) that blow straight through one of my cores even
> idling. As far as ram goes, unless somebody has a really old xp
> machine, you could do a lot more than the game is now without
> affecting them.

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