Ironic You should bring this up now Charles.

The reason I've been a litle quiet, and somewhat reticent about playing audio games with headphones (particularly swamp), is I'e been training with my first guide dog for the last three weeks and I've frankly been too worried to stick on a pair of headphones, especially when it comes to stretching headphone cables across the room. that's why i've mainly been playing games like core exiles which i can do on speakers alone.

We qualified last tuesday though and things seem to be setling out, though she stil acts rather lost and seems to miss the trainer.

her Name is reever and she's a black lab retriever cross.

Guiding has been fine, but the actual getting used to me part has been quite difficult as she's been rather depressed, though she has enjoyed wandering around the city of Durham and going to my tabletop rp sessions. hopefully she'll get used to me and settle down soon.

My mum visiting with her guide dog helped, sinse then reever became jealous.

Oh, and if people were wondering why I haven't been posting news on, why I haven't tried swamp etc, that is indeed the reason why.

Beware the grue!


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