Thomas, if it could help in solving the problem: 1 or 2 years ago, a couple of days or weeks before the list become completely silent, I remember that my posts didn't go through anymore while I still got some messages from other people.

I also remember trying to contact you directly to solve the problem, but I never get any response so I gave up after 3 tries.

When I say didn't go through anymore, in fact I mean that when I tried to send something, I received a warning after 4-6 hours telling that the message couldn't be delivered to the sender allthough the adress actually existed. It was not the undelivered mail status notifications that we are used to get when we send something to an adress that doesn't exists.

We should make a test: who get messages and who don't. It would also be the occasion to let new interested people to join, and no more interested people to leave.

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