Ah, man! Don't tempt me. I loved Elite and Frontier Elite. If we keep
talking about those classics you'll end up talking me into starting
such a project. Lol!

However, I too would like to see an accessible game along those lines.
With memory and disk space relatively inexpensive on todays machines
it is quite possible to create something even more spectacular than
those classics. So it would totally rock if something actually came of


On 11/20/11, darren harris <darren_g_har...@btinternet.com> wrote:
> Oh yeah dark, I loved elite. Used to play it on my commodore omega 500. I
> also played frontier elite 2 which was much much harder. Although fun
> because you could land on planets. I used to get the big frater ship called
> the panther clipper, I filled it with shield generators, this is for fun
> mind, then I'd take off and turn the engines off and let the ship bounce! It
> was rather amusing to say the least! The other thing I liked to do is to
> fuel scoop planets and stars.
> Yes elite is the father of the space sim, I miss it a great deal. It was
> very inventive for it's time, frontier even more so, purely because of the
> sheer physics involved and the size of the actual universe. It was basically
> the home galaxy all of it. incredible really to get over 1000000000 stars
> and planets on 2 little floppies. And then of course there was the whole
> science thing of the hyperspace affect. What took a few seconds in
> hyperspace took days in real time. it was measured out according to
> mathematical formula.
> Yes we need a game that brings all the core elite elements into play. Also
> with a few elements from the x beyond the frontier series.

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