Hello everyone,

Earlier today a question came up about what language and tools are
needed to write games and other apps for the Apple IPhone. Rather than
reply to that lister off list or individually I thought I'd just
respond to the list at large as I think some others might be
interested in this information as well.

To begin with Apple's iOS  is a stripped down version of Mac OS X for
IPhones, IPads, Ipods, and other mobile devices. As a result to do any
programming for any apple device you have to own or have access to an
Apple computer running Mac OS X in order to use the tools/compilers
required for iOS devices. As most Mac users know Mac OS 10.6 and 10.7
are quite accessible these days with VoiceOver and if you have the
cash general accessibility here is good.

Second, in order to rite and build apps for iOS devices you should
have Apple's XCode IDE and compilers. Plus you will need the Mac OS
and iOS software developer kits which I believe are included in the
XCode application download if I'm not mistaken. The problem is I've
heard that XCode itself isn't fully accessible which could present a
problem for developing Mac OS and iOS applications. Perhaps one of our
Mac users/developers could chime in here and give us an update to
XCode accessibility.

As far as programming languages goes most Mac OS X and iOS apps are
written in a language called Objective-C. Its a superset of C--similar
to C++--but with some Apple specific changes and differences that a
C/C++ developer should be aware of. I'm no expert on Objective-C
myself but I can say its similar enough to C and C++ that a person
with a background in C/C++ can learn Objective-C and the Cocoa API
fairly easily. However, the key here is having a background with C or
C++ programming before delving into programming apps for the IPhone
using Objective-C.



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