And that concern is why such an item wasn't put in to this version, lol.  I've 
been considering a "town portal" item for a while, but have been too nervous to 
put it in yet.  I like the idea of convenience, but also worry it will ruin the 
feel of the game.  I'd love to hear the community's thoughts on it.

Oh, I just wrote about this in another email so I almost forgot to explain it 
here.  This would be some type of purchasable item in the Safe Zone that could 
be spent to teleport you instantly back there.  It would work like "Town 
portals" work in many RPG games.  Because you'd have to buy them using 
reputation, people would get to decide if it was worth walking back or if 
convenience was worth using one up.

> I don't know what Aprone thinks of
> it, but it seems to me it would destroy
> the point of the game.
>     Chris Bartlett

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