This is exactly how it works.  :)

>   The radar is helpful, not just
> in buildings either, and worth some practice.
>   It makes one sound when a wall is there, and another
> for open space.
>   It seems to me it makes 5 beeps per side, so if you
> turn on the radar in front of you with the up arrow and
> assume your facing north, you'll hear a beep for west-north
> west, northwest, north, north east, and east north-east in
> that order.  this is just what i've assumed from using
> it, jeremy may could shed some light on this subject for
> us.
>   If for instance, your trying to find a doorway in a
> wall that is on your left, hit left arrow, if the wall is
> solid, you'll hear 5 solid beeps, as you walk forward, once
> a door way comes up, or you reach the end of a wall if your
> outside, you'll hear the open air sound, its quite handy to
> do this when going around the outside of buildings for
> instance, and by keeping the wall to your side, you can fire
> on any baddies that might pop up in front of you.
>   as for typing interrupt, how to do it depends on
> your version of jaws, but its quite easy. google is your
> friend, as is the jaws help docs.
>   happy shooting.
> che

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