Hmm, how long has it been since I sent you that "free stuff" for review?
Must be a couple of years or more, I think. I'm just glad you didn't get
around to writing your review sooner...

I'm quite surprised by what I read here. I always thought you were more
logical and level headed but I really struggle to understand where this
apparent hostility is aimed. You seem resent the fact that the RNIB sell my
products, but in a later post you openly criticise them and call them
"pathetic". Sounds like a bad case of "sour grapes".

Yes, the RNIB sell my games, but I can't see why you have an issue with
this. Are you trying to say that because they sell my games they wouldn't
want to sell anybody else's? Can you explain why? Surely the fact that they
have opened their doors to an independent developer means that they would be
more willing to consider selling other people's games as well. Personally, I
would welcome it if some of the other developers here approached the RNIB
and got them to sell their games.

Regarding the Kountdown game - for the benefit of those who don't know it,
the player chooses up to 9 letters then has 30 seconds to try to make the
longest possible word - I fail to see the point of asking the user to type
in the word they found. Who are they trying to prove it to? I watch the TV
show sometimes and I shout out the word I found. I don't write it down or
type it into a computer to prove I found it. If you find a 7 letter word you
don't need to type it into the computer because all the computer will say is
"yes, you found a 7 letter word". It's only going to tell you what you
already know.

I have plenty of testimonials from people - old and young - who have enjoyed
playing my games over the years. I appreciate that some people on this list
may find some them simplistic - they are, after all, designed for computer
novices (ie people who don't know how to use a screen reader, can't
touch-type, etc).


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Sent: 25 November 2011 10:43
Subject: [Audyssey] I'm appauled!

I must admit I've been very slow about writing entries for the Azabat games
for, basically because most of the games are pretty much
available in better versions elsewhere and azabat are ridiculously
overpriced, ---- in fact as I've said before I think the only reason they've
got where they are is because they present "audio games for pathetic old
blind people!"

Nevertheless, unfortunately the job of maintaining the database means
playing and writing about bad games as well as good ones, and sinse Azabat
did send me both their demo cd and some free copies of their games so that I
could write about them, I do feel I need to give them a reasonable run for
their money, however today I really! had trouble when writing up the entry
for their second volume, word games.

We all know that everyone from jim kitchin to even the online game alien
adoption agency has versions of Hangman, and other than ntoicing that the
azabat version of the game actually has fewer customizations (and
deffinately fewer fun sfx), than jims, I'll move on.

then there is Targit, exactly the same game as bg word targit, but with no
fun sfx or music, and fewer customization options.

Anagrams, the count down letters and numbers game where you form words from
random letters or a targit number from random numbers, and a game called
link words resembling Dan Z's chainlink game.

What appauled me here, is that none! of these games has even a scoring
system! you don't type in solutions, you just get presented with an anagram,
a number targit and that's it. The technology is planely there to create
one, sinse Hangman and word targit have a score system, and the computer
even has the ability to work out solutions to all the problems meaning that
it could! determine whether your right or wrong, but for some completely
insane reason you don't type in your answers, you just are supposed to solve
them in your head!

In the name of all that's reasonable, why is a score! system! so hard to

As I said, I do want to try and make the best of azabat because they did
send me some free stuff, but when the quality of their games is so insanely
low my job is extremely difficult!

Yes, making games that are not complex for computer novices is a worth while
aime, ---- but how novice are we talking here?

heck, my mum is about as computer novice as you get (she regularly phones me
to ask things like how to copy files or open mail attachments), yet I've got
her Ian Humphries psudoku games and she's quite able to play them, indeed
was able to install them pretty easily too thanks to the microsoft install

What planet are Azabat on?

Even their one really unique game backgamman now has a far superior version
thanks to Manu of Pontes games, with online play, sfx, music ambience and
lots of other great customization features (I'm quite a fan of the game

The only really sad thing, is that while people like Jim Kitchin, 7-128 Manu
and Ian humphries have done far better things even in the traditional games
line, at a far more reduced price, Azabat are the ones the bloody rnib

this! is! ridiculous!

Sorry about the wrant, but I really! needed to get that out of my system.

Beware the grue!

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