I still have about a page worth of bug reports to go through, but I'm posting 
this 1.3b update to see if the reputation system is fixed.  That's the biggest 
issue so I want it repaired as soon as possible.

The main file upload will take another 20 minutes or so, but if you already 
have version 1.2b then there's no need to waste time downloading the larger 
file anyway.  Just download this small patch file and you will be updated to 
version 1.3b.

Changes from version 1.2b to 1.3b

- Fixed a bug that wouldn't allow me to send global messages to the players 
from the server.
- Corrected a bug on the server that allowed the guard to die and for zombies 
to enter the safe zone.
- Zombies should no longer group between the bridge and safe zone.  A bug was 
keeping them from spreading properly.
- When you exit the server you will begin next time in the same location.  I 
want to see if this is more fun than random spawning.
- I've done work on the reputation system.  Hopefully it is fixed now.
- The server/client connection should be a bit more secure now.
- Armor and weapons are less likely to break, by 30%.
- I've turned down the volume of your own footsteps.
- The ranges on the guns have been fixed.
- Reputation and experience should no longer reset if you are killed.
- Bullet impact sounds have been made louder.
- Defensive mode with the axe is better at blocking attacks.  It was 20% and 
now it is 30% to block.
- Defensive mode with the axe deals less damage now.
- The Safe Zone menu has been rearranged based on suggestions.
- The Pistol is far less likely to break than any other weapon.
- If a weapon breaks, you will automatically switch to the axe now.
- New ammo that's picked up should properly show up in your weapons.
- Bullet impact sounds were playing from the center of the zombie, but now they 
play from wherever the bullet actually hit.
- The range of the Field kit has been increased by 25%.
- The volume of Menu sounds have been lowered.
- Fixed several server issues that were causing bugs in the game.
- Beacon messages now include the distance.
- Did a little bit of optimization to help the game run faster during 

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