I never changed your hearing range, only the range at which guns can reach 
zombies.  If you didn't find any zombies, my guess is that the 10 players 
online had recently cleared them out of that area or the zombies were off 
chasing tasty people in hopes of getting a snack.

I am so utterly frustrated with these bugs.  It really does seem like the 
server is mixing up the players and therefore causing everyone's reputation, 
experience, and level to keep changing.  The problem is, I've checked the code 
multiple times looking for that exact situation with no luck.  I just can't 
think of another problem that could so perfectly account for the current 

>   hey jeremy, that list of bug
> fixes is great, thanks again for the hard work, i know
> sometimes all you hear from the list is what we'd like to be
> better or new features, but it really is an amazing game
> you've made here.
>   one thing i noticed jeremy fixed that i don't think
> he mentioned is when you start in the safe zone, your now
> facing the door, so all you have to do is walk forward, very
> nice.
>   There seems to be way way less zombies now, either
> that, or the range thing is keeping me from hearing them.
>  i went from safe zone, down to green, to cardigan, to
> indy, all the way to north border, back to the bridge, all
> the way to the west border, up to north border, then back to
> the safe zone, and heard exactly one zombie. there were 8 to
> 10 players online at the time. this was around 10 minutes of
> walking total.
>   regarding the reputation bug, is it possible that
> the database is getting cross threaded with other players?
> my numbers seem to fluctuate wildly, as if I were picking up
> someone elses stats, although when i went to grab items at
> the safe zone, it initially said i had like 2400 rep, then
> said i didn't have enough when i tried buying a bennelli,
> and after leaving safe zone, i had 5 rep, as if it had
> caught up to what my stats were actually supposed to be
> maybe.  you might try logging in as another player and
> seeing if it matches your DB?
> if i am not hearing zombies because the range of the axe
> and pistol are really really short, i think that is a bad
> thing.  this would give even more of an advantage to
> players that have longer range weapons. i for one just don't
> like the idea of my ability to hear zombies based on the
> range of my weapon.
> how about the flies, i assume if the range is in effect,
> the flies aren't affected by range, right?
>   keep up the good work man,
> che

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