Hi Willem,

As far as the javax.sound.sampled  API goes you are right about it not
being very good. However, there are some decent alternatives like
Joal, a Java implimentation of OpenAL, which I've heard is pretty good
for cross-platform audio support. Since Mac OS, Linux, etc  uses
OpenAL using Joal for audio support seems like a good alternative to
the javax.sound.sampled API for games.

As far as input goes Java's AWT API stinks for games, but once again
there seems to be a good alternative in the works. There is an open
source input API for Java called JInput that I've heard is very
responsive and gets direct keyboard, mouse, and joystick input similar
to DirectInput. JInput might be worth a Java game developers time in
looking into for a basic input manager.

My point here is while one can't necessarily use DirectX or SDL in
Java there are various game APIs available for the language and that
are are fully cross-platform compatible.I haven't used Joal or JInput
myself personally, but I've heard some game developers say they are
much better than depending on AWT for keyboard/mouse input and the
Java default sound packages/APIs.

Though I do agree with your point about different Java runtimes.
Mobile devices tend to have a custom Java runtime and the packages
aren't necessarily the same as you would get with a different JRE for
another mobile device. Its up to the Java developer to figure out
which packages are the same and write software that shares a common
runtime environment rather than using some API that might be platform
specific. Its that inconsistancy that drives developers like myself


On 12/2/11, Willem Venter <dwill...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all.
> As I understand it, buying the IOS sdk costs $90. Then you probably
> have to learn objective c, as this is the only non runtime language I
> know of that you can program in on IOS. You need this to start
> developing, even if you wanted your app to be free. This is just
> another reason why an IOS version will cost money and why payed
> outsourcing is a good idea.
> As for java, from what I know java's sound support is not that great.
> It has the javax.sound and javax.sound.sample packages, but getting a
> workable sound interface will take more time. There is no
> functionality offfered by things like sdl, or sfml. The other option
> is something like lwjgl, but this still means that the app will be
> tied to only platforms supporting lwjgl. Although many mobile
> platforms run java, each run their own version of java with different
> packages. Android for example has a java implementation almost like
> the normal java with extra android packages. This is why it is much
> easier to write programs for the android platform.

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