Actually that does seem like the case, but the foot steps aren't looped but are 
separate events as each foot lands.  It's overkill, but each foot is actually 
tracked individually in 2D and they move and step around the body following a 
set of rules to try to make them match how a person positions their feet when 
they walk, turn, and change direction.  Yes overkill I know, haha!  A looping 
sound would have probably worked just as well since most people never realize 
there is anything more to Swamp's footstep sounds than a loop.

The zombie growls and the ambient noises are both separate sound events which 
are tracked to update them as things move.  I suspect the panning bugs and the 
ambient noises that never turn off are related, and that for some reason they 
stop updating.  I haven't been able to get it to happen to myself so it's 
making it very hard to track down the actual problem.

> The footsteps are a continuously
> updating looped sound.  The zombie growl is
> a discrete event that might not be finished when we begin
> turning so it
> continues from the start position.  That would be
> consistent with what I've
> experienced, and with the zombies who keep growling after
> they've splatted.
> I can't explain why it doesn't happen consistently,
> sometimes zombie growls
> track properly, sometimes they don't.  Footsteps seem
> to always track
> properly.
>     Christopher Bartlett

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