On Sun, Jan 18, 2009 at 7:35 PM, Carlo Marcelo Arenas Belon
<care...@sajinet.com.pe> wrote:
>> other than that looks good to me.
> could you check the "simplified" one?, this problem was introduced in
> 2003 and therefore affects all versions of ganglia since then (including
> 2.5.7 which is not supported anymore and that will need to be patched by
> the users of it which include Debian/Ubuntu, Novell/OpenSuSE and
> probably others).

apologies but I lost you there, what do you mean with the "simplified" one?

>> Two things:
>> 1) How has this been tested? I did some myself and got to wonder how
>> you guys did it, do you have any standardized approach?
> sadly there is no test suite associated with ganglia code and therefore
> there is no "standardized" approach other than applying the patch and
> banging the resulting binary to see if it works reliably.

alright, I was thinking of a couple scripts to generate traffic and
then do the queries, I think Jesse mentioned something like that on
irc based on gmetric. I believe something like that would be useful,
and either python of perl could be enough to write something threaded
to generate enough load for testing I guess. Is that what you meant
when you said "banging to resulting binary"?

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