On Mon, Jan 19, 2009 at 5:44 AM, Carlo Marcelo Arenas Belon
<care...@sajinet.com.pe> wrote:

> agree, but that is to be done in the context of getting "multi-patch"
> committed and backported, but not in fixing this buffer overflow in the
> interactive port, which is what BUG223 is about.

ok, guess I'll start a different thread about this later on once we're
worked out #223

> from what I check while trying
> some fuzzing we have still a problem (probably introduced with the
> buffer overflow patch) when the request is too long (over 2048 bytes) as
> shown by :
>  $ echo "/`python -c \"print \\"%s/%s/%s\\" % ('a'*1700,'b'*300,'c'*48)\"`" | 
> netcat 8652

what problem are you seeing? trunk (r1950) does not reflect what we're
talking about as it includes my original return 1 if element is not
found which leads to the truncated xml output. Reverting to 1233 and
applying the latest patch from #223 works fine for me and I get back
the entire tree as there's no a*1700 grid.

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