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> >>>>> "Frank" == Frank Ch Eigler <f...@redhat.com> writes:
> >> [...]  I suggest that a basic principle for such a system is that it
> >> should be *easy* to obtain and maintain a local copy of the history
> >> of all pull requests.  That includes all versions of a pull request,
> >> if it gets rebased, and all versions of comments, if the system
> >> allows editing comments.  A system that uses git as the source of
> >> truth for all the pull request data and has refs [...]
> Frank> Do you know of a system with these characteristics?
> Based on:
> https://gerrit-review.googlesource.com/Documentation/dev-design.html#_notedb
> ... it sounds like this is what gerrit does.

Someone mentioned earlier that gerrit was previously tried unsuccessfully.
I think this is a common pattern in GCC at least: someone has an idea for a
workflow improvement, and gets it working, but it isn't widely adopted.  I
think this is a problem with the "if you build it he will come" model
rather than with any particular technology; people are more or less
comfortable with their current workflow and uninclined to experiment with
someone else's new thing, even if it could eventually be a big improvement.

I think that the office hours, for both sourceware and the toolchain, offer
a better path for building enthusiasm about a new direction.

Is gerrit still installed?


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