On 2024-04-23 11:08, Tom Tromey wrote:
>> Indeed.  Though Patchwork is another option for patch tracking, that
>> glibc seem to be having success with.
> We tried this in gdb as well.  It was completely unworkable -- you have
> to manually clear out the patch queue, meaning it's normally full of
> patches that already landed.  I know glibc has success with it, but I
> wouldn't consider it for gdb unless it gained some new abilities.

The thing that Gerrit excels at is tracking the different versions of a
given patch, being able to easily diff versions, etc.  And then mark a
patch as merged once it's committed to master.

Patchwork doesn't have this capability built-in (AFAIK).  You can try to
do some automation, but I doubt that any system based solely on getting
patches from a mailing list can ever be as good as something like Gerrit
for this.


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