I reproduce.

There was already a patch to port to 7.2.0 at 
5c41076bd7610d03431fd0dd89bd0fdc7f30d6bd but the migration wasn't complete.

One workaround that does not require modifying the code is:

sudo apt-get install g++-6 gcc-6

CC=gcc-6 CXX=g++-6 scons

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Hi All,
I just did a clean clone of the latest github on my Ubuntu 17.10 system (gcc 
7.2.0).  In this setup builds fail due to two warnings (because -Werror is on 
in the build scripts).

First in decode-method.cc.inc there are some case statements that have 
fallthrough conditions.  To get around this I added:


to the SConstruct file (is this the right way to do this?).

Second, in neon64_mem.hh there are some potentially uninitialized variables.  
To get around this I added maybe-uninitialized to the CCFLAGS:

After this the build completes cleanly.  Probably those warnings should be 
fixed in the source code directly but I am not yet well versed enough in how 
gem5 works to do that yet.  I'm guessing that these warnings are new with my 
gcc version is why I don't see anyone posting on here about them yet..

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