"Brian Behlendorf" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> this didn't seem to go through yesterday....

It did :)

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> Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2001 19:24:32 -0700 (PDT)
> From: Brian Behlendorf <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: lists that don't require subscriber approval
> Today, the tomcat-user list was spammed by an errant mailer-daemon out
> there that sent out nearly 300 email messages to the rest of the list.
> There are 1091 subscribers to that list, so 300K messages were sent out -
> or nearly that many, as Pier told me about it and I shut down qmail,
> removed the offending messages from the queue (after a half hour of grep
> and awk action to identify those bad messages and nuke them).  That was
> not fun, and it was a good thing I was back from Burningman today and
> could fix it, or all mail for apache.org would have been fuct for
> potentially days.

As I said, as soon as I noticed, I unsubbed anyone from that domain from all
mailing lists (thinking it was a some sort of auto reply to each single
message posted on the list). When I noticed that even after unsubbing those
guys I was still flooded by messages, I created the "deny mail from" list of
addresses and put that email address in there, but the queue was already WAY
backlogged... And I contacted Brian on the spot...

(BTW, I didn't create that mailing list, and I don't know who did it, I just
noticed what was happening, but - hey - it's not by fault! :)

> This was possible only because the mailing list was running with the -MU
> options set to ezmlm - which means basically "anyone can post".  If that's
> changed to -mu, it changes the behavior of the list to "subscribers can
> post, non-subscribers have their messages bounced to the moderators for
> approval".  I really really really recommend all lists run this option -
> the only place where I can see it not being appropriate are lists that
> intentionally welcome posts from outsiders, such as [EMAIL PROTECTED],
> where bouncing or delaying such a message would potentially be a serious
> problem.  Any list larger than a few people should have -mu set.


> Currently, the following lists have -MU set, and really should be
> reconsidered:
> bugs

Hmmm... This is unused... I would suggest converting it to an alias to
[EMAIL PROTECTED], and I would like to have a couple of volunteers to help
me out on that...

> jakarta-commons (which should be renamed to "commons", btw)

[EMAIL PROTECTED], to be exact... I can go ahead and do the
conversion of the actual ML, and put [EMAIL PROTECTED] as
an alias for that list...

> library-dev

There's no whatsoever traffic on that list... I don't know what's it all
about even IF I am listed as the owner of it... Either someone claims its
usefulness (only spam received on that list since months), or I'll just
remove it.

> pmc

This is a small list... Could remain open, as we want anyone to be able to
post to the PMC, and subscription is (I believe) moderated...

> servletapi-dev

I propose collapsing this one with tomcat-dev... Servlet API and Tomcat are
more or less the same thing, and keeping a mailing list only for CVS
putbacks is (IMO) wrong... Also because I would love to see those putbacks
on the tomcat-dev mailing list, where they are more relevant...

> slide-dev
> slide-user

Moderator for those two too... (Remy?)

> struts-dev
> struts-user

Moderator for those two should be Craig :)

> taglibs-dev

And for this one too (Craig? :)

> The following lists are set to -mU, which means all messages are
> moderated:
> announcements

That should stay as-is...

> taglibs-user (this I don't understand)

I'm going to change this one to be -mu...

> Let me know if I can make this change.

I and Craig can take care of changing moderations/options for the lists, The
only thing you should do is check out that archives are generated correctly.

Things I also noticed:

- cactus-user

I don't know what this is all about... There is no archive, cactus is
related to the "commons" project, so, it should be really a

- check-dev

No traffic since october 1999... I propose to erase this one...

- docs

This seems to be unused... I can't see any relevant traffic but various spam
on the archives...

- josper-dev

I believe this was erroneously created (josper? It's JASPER! :) Blast it

- watchdog-dev

It should be treated (IMO) as servletapi-dev... Collapse it with tomcat-dev.

To sum up:

Lists to moderate:
- slide-dev (Remy)
- slide-user (Remy)
- struts-dev (Craig)
- struts-user (Craig)
- taglibs-dev (Craig)

Lists to nuke:
- bugs
- library-dev
- check-dev
- docs
- josper-dev

Lists to rename:
- jakarta-commons (commons-dev)
- cactus-user (commons-user or commons-cactus-user)
- servletapi-dev (collapse into tomcat-dev)
- watchdog-dev (collapse into tomcat-dev)

Lists to modify (-mu instead of -mU):
- taglibs-user (Get me off moderation for this one please!)

Please advise (ASAP, please)...

    Pier (CCing general@jakarta since there is where things happen)

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