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Subject: Re: lists that don't require subscriber approval

> On Thu, 6 Sep 2001 23:44, Pier Fumagalli wrote:
> > Things I also noticed:
> >
> > - cactus-user
> >
> > I don't know what this is all about... There is no archive, cactus is
> > related to the "commons" project, so, it should be really a
> > "commons-user@jakarta"...
> I think when it was initially voted on it was to be named
> "commons-cactus-user@...." or "commons-cactus@...." or similar. Not sure
> happened though. The reason for keeping it separate was that it was
> generating a fair number of messages that most commons users didn't want
> see ;)

You're right. The name [EMAIL PROTECTED] was the voted
name. I seem to remember that the list name was changed at the last minute
to be cactus-user@... because there was the intention to make Cactus a root
project in the future and a name change being a major change it was
preferred to name right away cactus-user@... However, you're right and I
don't think it was done in a orderly manner and I don't remember any voting
on the subject.

Maybe now is the right time to vote for making Cactus a top level project ?
Are there conditions for that (like number of hits,downloads, community) ?
Who decides, PMC members ?

-Vincent Massol

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