"Vincent Massol" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> You're right. The name [EMAIL PROTECTED] was the voted
> name. I seem to remember that the list name was changed at the last minute
> to be cactus-user@... because there was the intention to make Cactus a root
> project in the future and a name change being a major change it was
> preferred to name right away cactus-user@...

And making a hell-of-confusion :) Joking, of course... I tend to agree with
Brian and with the "guidelines" he gave when we opened the new subprojects
(back in 99, I believe)... It's just that since (now) cactus is not a
top-level project, it shouldn't have a top level Mailing List, but it should
be always be prepended by the name of the project in which it resides...

> However, you're right and I don't think it was done in a orderly manner and I
> don't remember any voting on the subject.

I believe that, if you developers want to be a "real" root-level project,
well, you have all the right to be... Did you have a vote on the commons
mailing list to "split out" ??? :)

> Maybe now is the right time to vote for making Cactus a top level project ?
> Are there conditions for that (like number of hits,downloads, community) ?
> Who decides, PMC members ?

Once the developers agree that they want to become top level, I believe that
it's only a matter of PMC "blessing" of that... I would be +1...


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