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> Preferred pain is a known pain with an experience-based cap.
> New and improved pain may promise an average POI 
> (Pain-on-Investment) that 
> is 50% of the familiar pain, but will be assigned a risk profile with 
> unknown maximum pain.
> If your previous experience confirms that max(NewPain) <= 
> max(OldPain), 
> then go ahead and implement NewPain, but make it look like 
> OldPain.  If 
> max(NewPain) turns out to be >> max(OldPain), you're on the 
> hook.  But you 
> would have first hand experience to make the call, whereas 
> your boss (and 
> definitely his boss) would not (or they wouldn't object in the first 
> place).
> One successful implementation of NewPain where max(NewPain) <= 
> max(OldPain), while delivering promised improvements, will 
> set a precedent. 
>  But someone has to take the risk.  And it won't be people 
> twice-removed 
> from the pain.
> ...  in my (painful) experience.

Here is the short answer.
Always say "Boss I think this will take a little refactoring of some code.
I should be able to reuse the most of the code.  
I will only change what has to changed, and I will make sure that the
changes are isolated."

Then do you whatever it takes, including throwing out ALL THE OLD CODE.

It's your reputation regardless.  You will not be able to say "My manager
wouldn't let me do it right"
They will always say "If you knew it was the wrong approach, you should have
come to me so we can discuss it with your manager.


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