Hello again,

We're very nearly done with another month so it's time to pester people about the 
newsletter again.  As usual, I've cc'd those that
submitted content last month in the hope that they will either submit something again, 
or manage to persuade someone else to take
over writing for the November issue.

If anybody else fancies doing a write up of the progress in some Jakarta project it 
then please send it in.  For a inspiration on
content and style you can review previous entries at 
http://jakarta.apache.org/site/news/, although new styles and ideas are welcome

Planned timescale:
Submissions sent to me by midnight Monday 2-Dec-2002.
Drafts will be posted on Tuesday and Wednesday as needed for alterations and last 
Final copy sent out on [EMAIL PROTECTED] midday 5-Nov-2002
All times GMT.



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