The end of the month is approaching again and I'm sure that, like me, a
lot of you are focused on celebrating the new year.  Once all that is
over I'd like to post the December issue of the newsletter so if people
can send any reports to me that would be great.  Everyone is welcome to
send summaries of any jakarta issues, those CC'd are so since they
posted last time and are asked for a repeat effort or to try and prod
others on the respective lists into taking over.

In terms of timescale I'd like to pull the drafts together next weekend
and post as soon as additions stop trickling in.  If the timescale
doesn't suit but you'd like to contribute then give me an idea of you'll
have something ready and we can discuss how long we can wait.

In the meantime, thanks everyone and Happy New Year!


P.S. Big thanks to Otis for beating the content request! As usual!

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