On Wed, Jan 08, 2003 at 12:46:25PM -0000, Rob Oxspring wrote:
> As you can see the timetable has slipped a bit!  However, there doesn't
> seem to be a lot to go in this issue (just an entry for lucene +
> whatever I write to summarise general@) and I was wondering whether it
> was worth bothering with.  I realise this is to be expected with the
> Christmas / New Year but there has been a general decline in content
> volume over the months and I was wondering whether there was something
> that should be done to address this.  A number of thoughts have been
> mentioned by various people and I'd be interested to hear opinions:
> Reduce the frequency - every 2 months has been suggested before.
> Format revamp - no idea how but ideas welcome - perhaps new blood is
> required?

How about setting up an 'ApacheNewsletter' Wiki page, let content
accumulate, and publish once critical mass is achieved?

I'd imagine that writing a newsletter entry is no fun at all. Probably
each project has only 2 or 3 people with a broad enough understanding of
the issues to 'summarize' a month's communications, identifying the
signal amongst the noise.  It's also a rather subjective task, with a
high risk of offending someone by omitting or misrepresenting points.

Using a Wiki doesn't solve the hard problems, but does lower the barrier
to entry, and makes plain that it's everyone's "problem" to create
content, not just the dedicated few listed below.

> Widen the scope - ant and Avalon have grown up to be (at least
> partially) outside the jakarta scope, should we include
> xml.apache.org? and it's children? maybe just a simple *.apache.org?

I know Forrest has a willing contributor :) and I'm sure with some
arm-twisting, one could be found for Cocoon.


> (with some appropriate rename)
> Maybe its fine as it is?
> Thanks,
> Rob
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