As you can see the timetable has slipped a bit!  However, there doesn't seem to be a 
lot to go in this issue (just an entry for
lucene + whatever I write to summarise general@) and I was wondering whether it was 
worth bothering with.  I realise this is to be
expected with the Christmas / New Year but there has been a general decline in content 
volume over the months and I was wondering
whether there was something that should be done to address this.  A number of thoughts 
have been mentioned by various people and I'd
be interested to hear opinions:

Reduce the frequency - every 2 months has been suggested before.
Format revamp - no idea how but ideas welcome - perhaps new blood is required?
Widen the scope - ant and Avalon have grown up to be (at least partially) outside the 
jakarta scope, should we include and it's children? maybe just a simple * (with some 
appropriate rename)
Maybe its fine as it is?



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> The end of the month is approaching again and I'm sure that, like me, a
> lot of you are focused on celebrating the new year.  Once all that is
> over I'd like to post the December issue of the newsletter so if people
> can send any reports to me that would be great.  Everyone is welcome to
> send summaries of any jakarta issues, those CC'd are so since they
> posted last time and are asked for a repeat effort or to try and prod
> others on the respective lists into taking over.
> In terms of timescale I'd like to pull the drafts together next weekend
> and post as soon as additions stop trickling in.  If the timescale
> doesn't suit but you'd like to contribute then give me an idea of you'll
> have something ready and we can discuss how long we can wait.
> In the meantime, thanks everyone and Happy New Year!
> Rob
> P.S. Big thanks to Otis for beating the content request! As usual!
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