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> "BAZLEY, Sebastian" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > Maybe you can find "new" xsl file via
> > > jakarta-site2/xdocs/stylesheets/site.xsl
> > > 
> > > ... Just copy to jmeter module and cvs commit, I guess..
> > 
> > As far as I know, the JMeter stylesheets are unique to 
> JMeter, so I doubt if
> > that would work.
> D'oh... Sorry. I had a little confused.
> Okeydokey. 
> What I proposed here, was not "Please use Forrest, all the
> Jakarta-XX-Team", but "Dear Jakarta-XX-Project, which
> want to use Apache Forrest ...".

OK, understood.

We might still be interested if it can cope with our requirements:
- separate docs for binary build (stylesheet probably won't do because of
Java HTML display)
- auto-generation of HTML anchors and contents list
- ability to have contents list in two columns
- automatic generation of links between pages based on previous and next
markers in XML

All of this is done by Anakia at the moment.

I'll try and take a look at Forrest to see what it can offer.

> I've heard that Struts Team once discusses about the usage of Forrest,
> so I said "What about Struts?"
> As for JMeter, I think now it is working well. 
> (Yes, I sent patches for the re-build of the site using Anakia, 
> the other day)


> Just I took a look at the current JMeter site and found that
> there's still "Copyright 1999-2001" statement at the bottom
> of each pages. So, I told you the procedure of updating 
> website how-to.

The patches have been applied to CVS, but we have yet to update the

This is partly lack of time, and partly that the documentation of JMeter has
been updated and no longer corresponds with the released version.


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